The Association

The Italian Aerosol Association was founded in 1963 and represents all the companies which contribute to build an aerosol product: cans and valves producers, aerosol fillers, chemicals and propellant producers, machinery producers, big brands owners.

AIA is one of the 17 sector associations of Federchimica, the National Chemical Industry Federation which is part of Confindustria and a member of Cefic
AIA represents and is responsible for safeguarding the interests of member companies. AIA is also competent for treating issues of specific interest to the industry, provides technical and economic assistance to member companies and protects the industry image.

AIA promotes the overall knowledge adn image of the aerosol industry, carrying out initiatives, whose aim is to guarantees the quality and safety of the aerosol products, in order to protect the conusmers and to help developing the sector's activity.

The Association represents and groups companies of the whole aerosol sector:

  • aerosol contract fillers and manufacturers
  • chemicals and aerosol propellants producers
  • can manufacturers
  • aerosol filling machinery manufacturers
  • aerosol products distributors