AIA directly provides its members with a wide variety of services:

Information circulars

Those of common interest to all three sectors are aimed at all member companies. Targeted and tailored information is also provided, as required, for sectors/areas of specific interest to individual product groups.

Documentary Data Base

An electronic archive which contains more than 26.000 documents (circulars, information, reports of meetings, relevant rules and regulations, etc) is available. The Data Base is reserved solely for member companies and requires a password. More than 30.000 member representetives can have access to it. A sophisticated search engine facilitates document consultation.


These deal with specific topics, in order to enlarge upon, consolidate and  disseminate among member companies knowledge and experience of interest to the industry.


The Association organises Seminars on various topics of interest to the member companies

Technical Committee

Its task is to:

  • keep track of and acquire documentation on technical and legal issues affecting member companies (environment, product liability, etc.);
  • follow and analyse developments in Community Directives (and their transposition into national law), Regulations and national legislation affecting the activities of the sectors represented;
  • activate restricted working groups for in-depth study of critical issues and the drafting of technical guidelines and monographs.

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